Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Okay, I am going to harp on stuff today, because I'll explode otherwise. I've been visiting various sites to check out if any of the exit polls have been released yet. I hadn't hit FAUX News yet, but the guy who sits next to me at work is a Bush supporter, so he'd checked them first. And briefly, they had Georgia, Indiana, and Kentucky already in red. Granted, all three of those have been trending pretty hard toward Bush in polls. But DC has trended even harder. If they were calling states this early based on Gallup, et al, shouldn't they have done the same in blue a few times? When we clicked on Georgia to check out the exit polls, everything was at zero. That's a pretty solid basis upon which to call a state, no?

I wish I'd done a screen capture, because now all of their states are in gold again. One of my other co-workers said they were probably just testing their feed to make sure it worked. Nevertheless, ya gotta love the old "Fair and Balanced" network showing things going in Bush's favor before they have any evidence upon which to base it.


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