Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Opium Print

This is an amazing line-up of writers. Because my finances ain't exactly what I'd like them to be, I don't often shell out for lit mags (for shame, I know). I'll probably make an exception for this one. Look at this line-up!

Nick Antosca, Grant Bailie, David Barringer, Melissa Bell, Ryan Bird, Gary Britson, Dan Burt, Kim Chinquee, Spencer Dew, Daulton Dickey, Pia Z. Ehrhardt, CM Evans, David Fromm, Tom Fugalli, Carla Gannis, Rose Gowen, Diana Grove, Steven Gullion, Jim Ruland, Elizabeth Ellen, Michelle Garren Flye, Larry Gaffney, Susan Henderson, Darby Hudson, Nathaniel Johnson, Larry Joseloff, Heather Kelley, CJ Kershner, Roy Kesey, Darby Larson, Will Layman, John Leary, Vince LiCata, Tao Lin, Angela Lovell, Pasha Malla, Porter McDonald, Kevin O'Cuinn, Thomas O'Donnell, Amy Prior, Dunston Procott , C. Allen Rearick, Shelly Rich, Will Roby, Mike Sacks, Stephen Snipes, Claudia Smith, Matthew St. Amand, Anthony Tognazzini, Paul A. Toth, James J. Williams III, Joseph Young, Todd Zuniga

Amazing. And it's only $11.00 (plus $2.50 shipping and handling). Okay, I've talked myself into it. I'm gonna order. You should, too. (More info here.)


At 11:43 AM, Blogger P. H. M. said...

Reading your blog, I once caught myself thinking I was reading my own. It seems like we comment on the same things at about the same time -- or are we just on the same mailing lists? As soon as I saw that Opium Print was finally coming to fruit, I knew I couldn't resist. For the price, you'd think they stole the printing for it. Look The Paris Review -- same price, if I'm not mistaken, far less for your buck. Can't wait for the eleventh!


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