Monday, October 23, 2006

Germans love "Pornography"

Every once in a while, I get curious about what the stats for a month are looking like before the month ends. Today is one of those days. And I notice that, for the month so far, Steve Almond's Pornography is not only in its accustomed spot atop the list of most viewed flashes on SmokeLong, it's having another berserk month, looking like it might actually register 2,000 hits for the month. So I got curious. I've wondered for some time now where all the hits are coming from, but haven't gone into the log files to find out. The log files, alas, are somewhat skimpy--they don't show what the referring link is, which is what I really want to know. But I still wanted to know physically where these links are coming from. Is there one person obsessed? Well, here's where they're coming from today:

00:06:54 Germany
00:25:57 Morocco
00:36:18 Morocco
00:45:36 Belgium
00:45:46 Spain
01:28:42 Australia
01:58:54 Brazil
02:02:47 Canada (Montreal)
02:07:45 Germany
02:54:39 Colombia
02:58:17 United States (Live Oaks, FL)
03:13:40 Dominican Republic
03:34:44 Mexico
04:04:22 Germany
05:17:57 Germany
05:29:59 Costa Rica
05:41:27 Greece
05:51:59 United States (Sunnyvale, CA)
06:07:37 Turkey
06:12:54 Netherlands
06:34:44 Germany
06:49:01 Germany
06:52:59 Japan
06:53:00 Japan
06:55:11 Germany
07:13:35 Romania
07:23:11 Germany
07:26:17 Germany
07:38:36 Macedonia
07:40:37 Finland
07:43:53 United States (Redmond, WA)
08:04:47 Germany
08:41:16 United States (Dulles, VA)
08:47:57 Czech Republic
08:54:39 Germany
09:28:13 United States (Sunnyvale, CA)
09:29:32 Turkey
09:36:47 Italy
09:47:05 Germany
09:47:08 Germany
09:57:02 Finland
09:57:43 Romania
09:58:33 Austria
10:04:59 Romania
10:17:21 Portugal
10:24:24 Germany
10:36:30 Turkey
10:38:38 France
10:42:35 Turkey
10:45:13 Italy
10:51:51 France
10:53:07 France
10:55:16 Norway
10:57:46 Romania
10:59:51 Saudi Arabia
11:00:31 Germany
11:19:26 Germany
11:19:43 Germany
11:30:32 Germany
11:37:59 Lithuania
11:40:13 Germany
11:42:36 Germany
11:48:39 Germany
11:57:59 Turkey

Okay, that's a half day's worth of data. Which leaves me even more bemused than I was before I began this exercise. How many of the people above are likely to be English speakers? Who are these people? Has Steve's piece somehow made it into an international (most likely German, based on the above) porn directory? I have no idea. But it makes me more curious than ever where our traffic is coming from. I'll have to see what resources I can tap to find what the referring pages are... stay tuned.


At 11:34 PM, Blogger Patricia said...

This is amazing, it's also an amazing story and Smokelong is a brilliant journal..xoox

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Stephen Parrish said...

Gradeschool and highschool English is required in many (most?) foreign countries. I live in Germany, where it is difficult to find someone under 40 who doesn't speak it pretty well.


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