Thursday, January 13, 2005

Why is everything in New York?

Another recommendation for all y'all New Yawkers out there. One of the guys I moved to Seattle with is gonna be doing some reading/performance art type stuff at Galapagos on Monday. I used to catch his act pretty regularly, back when he was still fresher out of college, and still a little more apt to be referred to as "a nice Jewish boy." Well, the nice Jewish boy had chops, then, and he's matured (I would assume). Before he moved from Seattle to New York, he a) came out of the closet, and b) went through a pretty crazy drug period, including (I do believe) the ever-popular-in-Seattle heroin phase. So my boy's got some stories.

Now, let's review what we're looking at here:
1) Jewish guy with a very strong historical knowledge and love of his culture.
2) Gay, after having been either a) unaware of his sexuality or b) closeted.
3) Strong performance art training at Northwestern University.
4) A poet's mind. Any writes some beautiful beautiful and beautiful ugly words.
5) Personal history in various hip cultures, Chicago, Seattle, New York.
6) Funny as hell. And smart, in case that didn't come across in #4.
7) Oh, and experience touring with MTV's Spoken Word Tour.

The guy's gifted. And, if that's not enough to convince you, he's the only male I've ever known personally that I actually considered hitting on. Had I known he was gonna come out of the closet anyway, I might well have.

So, yeah. Andy Horwitz. Go see him. He'll scramble your brain. (And you can also visit him online at Andy's Chest. And the title of this post, as often is the case, is a linky-poo.)


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Nance Knauer said...

i'd love to see him. he sounds amazing. *sigh* there are drawbacks in living in the middle.


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