Tuesday, August 30, 2005

how precarious things really were

Some of you may remember me blogging about a woman whose husband was dying of cancer a while back. His struggle recently ended. I wish I'd kept up better with what was happening in their lives. The blogosphere responded to their story and people made enough donations for them to afford hospice care so that he could die at home. That fund is continuing--she's a single mom and a graduate student, not a financially great situation. If anyone would like to contribute to the fund or even to send her a card, the blogger Academic Coach can provide more info on the fund and is also forwarding along cards and letters.

When I originally posted about Badger and her husband, I spoke in fairly political terms. I felt comfortable doing so, because I knew from her postings that we shared similar frustrations regarding the way things are going (and, of course, in her case, those frustrations hit much, much closer to home). I'll refrain from diatribes about how her husband should have been treated by the government at the end of his life. Rather, I'd like to smile, if ever so bittersweetly, at how good people are and can be, and how that was amply demonstrated by numerous people who came to the aid of strangers in need.

And now, after having paused while writing this to read a bit of her blog, I've run out of words.


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thanks for sharing this, Dave. an all too familiar story.


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