Monday, September 19, 2005

Issue 9 stats

So here are the stats for the previous issue:

Issue Nine (live from 6/15/05-9/14/05)
6/15-6/30: 22373 page views
7/1-7/31: 39198 page views
8/1-8/31: 31918 page views
9/1/9/14: 14023 page views
Total Issue 9: 107512 page views

Only about a 4% increase from issue 8, but that issue also included the Dybek and Almond pieces, which probably brought in some readers we don't usually have. So we're still growing, albeit at a slightly lower rate than I'd like. Could also be an effect of summer. I don't, alas, have numbers comparing Summer '04 to Spring '04, so I don't know if that's to be expected. Will be interesting to see how Issue 10's numbers compare, as folks return from vacations, back to work, back to school.

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