Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We are swift... and daunting, according to Duotrope's stats. According to them, we are the fourth fastest market to respond to submissions, averaging 2.9 days. Unfortunately, we're also the 21st toughest market to crack, with a 100% rejection rate (the reason we're 21st is that the others higher up are also 100%, but have sent more rejections to people who use the site than we have). They do note that, "No publication has a 100% rejection rate. This estimation is based on reports sent to Duotrope's Digest, and we have not received reports of any acceptances yet. The higher the publication appears on this list, the more rejection notices we have received." Well, we ain't actually 100%, but we are at about 96% rejections, so this probably isn't that far off. Great to see that we're still living up to our established turnaround times (although I think we used to average 2 days, so maybe we've slowed down a teensy bit).


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