Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top Ten Page Views for August

Posting this REALLY late this time around, and only doing stories this time, because I've been (and continue to be) absolutely slammed at work. Only one story not rated in July cracked the top ten this time around, but boy did the top ten move itself around a lot. Welcome, Elizabeth Ellen, to numero uno.

1. (4) 8x10 by Elizabeth Ellen (12/15/06)
2. (1) Pornography by Steve Almond (6/15/05)
3. (6) Oblivious by Gary Cadwallader (6/15/07)
4. (2) Heaven by the Highwayside by Mike Amato (3/15/07)
5. (8) First Night by Ric Jahna (6/15/07)
6. (7) One Purple Finch by Kathy Fish (6/15/07)
7. (9) The Wedge in Between by Debbie Ann Eis (6/15/07)
8. (5) Renoir Responds to Aline Charigot's Charges of Painting Her Ugly by Daniel Bailey (6/15/07)
9. (NR) Cymothoa Exigua by Christopher Battle (6/15/07)
10. (3) Five Fat Men in a Hot Tub by Jeff Landon (9/15/05)

And, to appease Don once again, some personal news: in the building I'm working in now, they do a lot of shipping, and there's a massive scale just outside my door. When we were checking out the building a couple months ago, many of us walked across it. I weighed in at 195. Since cutting Coke almost entirely out of my diet due to kidney stones, I've noticed that my stomach looks flatter (not flat, mind you, but not so Buddha-like). Sure enough, I just walked across the scale and it came up 185. Yay, me!


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