Friday, August 08, 2008

I haven't posted in forever...

Every now and then, I think I should do more with this here blog. Well, today at lunch, we were talking about various actors, which got me thinking back to my previous career, and I was curious to see whether any of the reviews of work I did turned up online anywhere. Sure enough! Here are the very few I could find, with relevant quotes:

"Criminals in Love" by New Mercury Theater
reviewed by Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"I don't know. It seemed funny at the time. Maybe it was just the inane cockiness that Dave Clapper whips up in his portrayal of the father."
reviewed by Seattle Times
"Thanks to his dense convict father (played by Dave Clapper), the hapless Junior (Christopher Thomle) gets enmeshed in the evil doings of Wineva (Kia Sian), a domineering mobster-moll."

"Salt of the Earth" by Bricolage
reviewed by Seattle Times
"Still, the ensemble cast is strong, each affecting poignant moments by turns, and Ada McAllister and Dave Clapper stand out in vibrant, varied characterizations."

"Peacekeeper" by Northwest Passage Theater
reviewed by Seattle Times
"By day, Hickey and his quirky fellow officer, Dave Clapper, sit in a bunker, 200 feet underground, hoping they will never have to do what they have been programmed to do - launch a nuclear missile."

Kinda disappointing that there aren't any reviews online for my favorite show from my stint in Seattle theater, John Godber's "Bouncers." Ah, well. Funny looking back at these: I was always clearly a character actor, rather than a leading man, and wouldn't have had it any other way. Would be great to get back at it some day.


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