Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Kentucky keeps updating.

We're up to 19% of precincts there now and Kerry's gaining nicely. I think I'm gonna give up on the tables, because they slow down my posting quite a bit. Here's the latest from Kentucky, with 19% of precincts reporting:

Bush: Rep 197,664 53%
Kerry: Dem 172,453 46%
Nader: Ind 2,000 1%
Badnarik: Lib 640 0%
Peroutka: CST 321 0%

I'm loving this trend. If Kentucky actually goes to Bush by only 7%, he is in deep, deep shit.

Indiana has updated, too, with 3% of their precincts now reporting:

Bush: Rep 43,181 58%
Kerry: Dem 30,588 41%
Badnarik: Lib 556 1%

Indiana, incidentally, went 58-39% in the last pre-election poll, conducted by Survey USA. Again, it looks like the 2:1 rule of Undecideds going to the challenger is, at the very least, holding up.


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