Tuesday, November 23, 2004

stories I like

So I just read a new story by Randall Brown that completely blew me away. We've published him in SLQ before, he Guest Edited our last issue, he's gonna be in our December issue, and he's coming on board full-time as an Associate Editor after this issue. All of which is a big yay! Anyway... the point of this particular post... on Zoetrope, the site where I've met most of the incredible writers whom I now feel honored to call friends, I include in my bio a list of many, many stories by other writers that I love. So I'm gonna copy and paste it here. Time to share the love, no? Here ya go:

The Evil B.B. Chow by Steve Almond
That Gladrag Razzmatazz by Bob Arter
Baby It's Time by Rusty Barnes
Peaches by Theresa Boyar
Coffee by Richard Brautigan
Soccer Dad by Randall Brown
Feeling Lonely, Watching a Machine by Daphne Buter
She Guessed They Called it Justice by Gary Cadwallader
Remember by Myfanwy Collins
From This Distance by Katrina Denza
Ant by Stuart Dybek
The Bunker by Pia Z. Ehrhardt
Three Months by Kathy Fish
The Dog Who Smelled of Cabbage by Steven Gullion
Untitled Thing About a Wasp by Susan Henderson
The Virtue of the Potted Fern by Liesl Jobson
Annabelle by Ian Kita
Bubba Tries Again by Nance Knauer
Thirty-nine Years of Carrie Wallace by Jeff Landon
The Day of the Shoes by Lisa McMann
Blue Shirt by Ellen Meister
Good Country People by Flannery O'Connor
I Reek by Ellen Parker
Zen Cola by Rob Rosen
Ring, Finger by Jordan Rosenfeld
The Lesson by Robin Slick
Window by Claudia Smith
Fantasy in Infancy by Amy Sparks
The Visit by Karen Stevens
Couple Seeking Romance. Best Offer. by Denis Taillefer
100 Posts About My Sex Life by Andrew Tibbetts
The War Prayer by Mark Twain
Trailer Trash by Thomas White
What, Me? Hardly by Joseph Young


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