Thursday, December 02, 2004

SLQ Issue 7 line-up finalized.

Whew! Just closed the door on submissions for the issue coming out on December 15. Good line-up of writers. A lot more men than usual. Seems like we're usually dominated by women. No clue why. Maybe more men were drawn to Maryanne Stahl, our Guest Editor. :)

Here's the line-up:

David H. S. Hubert
Andrew Bomback
Roderick Leyland
Tom Jackson
Jim Devitt
Sade Ng
Bob Thurber
Rusty Barnes
Judd Hampton
Ann Walters
Paul A. Toth
Gary Cadwallader
Steve Dunn
Grant Bailie
Saundra Mitchell
M. Lynx Qualey
Scott Ford
Randall Brown


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