Monday, June 19, 2006

The Angler

I'm really digging on a fairly new publication called The Angler. In addition to publishing flash fiction, they also publish reviews of flash fiction. In issue three, there are two such reviews, both of them noteworthy to SmokeLong afficionados:

Peter Anderson reviews Katrina Denza's What She Gave to the Sea, which appeared in the December 15 issue of SmokeLong. And, of course, Kat just guest edited the June 15 issue and is joining us full-time on the editorial staff.

Joseph Young reviews Kathy Fish's The Photograph, which appeared in issue 6 of InkPot. Kath, of course, was our long-time fiction editor, and Joe has appeared in SLQ more than any other author (five times).

I love the idea of lit mags including reviews of pieces from other lit mags. We absolutely should all be promoting one another. The more readers one magazine has, the more readers another is likely to gain. I think I may drop Donovan Hall (The Angler's editor and publisher) a line to ask if he'd mind if we started doing something similar at SLQ. Y'all should absolutely go read his very fine magazine.


At 2:56 AM, Blogger The Angler said...

Thanks for the good words, Dave. Not only do reviews help us in the online lit community to cross promote our publications, it's a service to readers and writers. Readers get a better idea of what to read. (I can't keep up with everything that is published.) It helps writers improve their craft.

Just a word about history. I started publishing The Angler in 2000. It ran for three years as a print publication with some 94 issues. The Angler was all reviews until the current incarnation which I started publishing online-only in January 2006. This isn't the first online magazine for me. I was publisher for an online magazine of ideas from 1994 to 1996. That was back when HTML only had about five tags and everyone used Mosaic.


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