Friday, June 16, 2006

stats for issue 12

Here are the stats for issue twelve:
Issue Twelve(live from 3/15/06-6/14/06)
3/15-3/31: 48338 page views
4/1-4/30: 51800 page views
5/1-5/31: 60645 page views
6/1-6/14: 23620 page views
Total Issue 12: 184403 page views

Holy cow. I thought the jump of about 15% in page views for our last issue was big. The jump this time is 37%. That's just insane. And it looks like the major part of the spike was in the first two weeks the issue was live. I hate to spout cliches, but maybe we hit some kind of tipping point recently? It seems very likely that we'll crack 200,000 page views with the issue that just went live. That'd require a comparitively modest bump of 8%. Who'd've thunk it?

Oh, and by the way... happy birthday to us. With issue 13, we've now published three years worth of issues.


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