Friday, July 28, 2006

weekends in Seattle

I've been living back in Seattle for two months now, and I love it. I knew that I would. Poulsbo is a nice little town, but... it's just that... a nice little (pop. 8000) town. With the weekend nearly here, I'm thinking about things to do with the boys, as usual. I'd thought we might go to the beach again, but it's finally cooled off from the high 90's back down to 61 (as of right now). In Poulso, our options were movies, playing video games, church, and um... hmm... that about covers it. In the two months I've been here, here's a partial (partial because I'm sure I'll forget something) list of activities the boys and I have done:

picked two cherry trees, one with succulent, sweet, juicy cherries, one with very sour cherries that are really only good for making pies
made a cherry pie from scratch
went to the beach and built huge sand castles and caught crabs
been to about a dozen different playgrounds/parks
hiked a nature trail
got a pet rat
went bowling
went to the horse races
went to the Seattle Center and rode the rides, including the log ride and roller coaster
pet-sitted for two dogs, three cats, and two rats
went to a horse farm
had water fights
saw "Monster House"
went to a new church, but decided to keep looking because they didn't have Sunday School for grade school kids during services
played outside a LOT (this is significantly different from Poulsbo in that I lived in an apartment complex where I didn't really trust my youngest not to run off and we play at E's house in a fenced in back yard here)
went to the zoo (can't believe I almost forgot that one)

That's a pretty great list for two months, no? And we've only just barely scratched the surface of all the things there are to do in Seattle. It's so good to be back here.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Bravie said...

People often catch crabs in SF. Just sayin.
It sounds like you're having a lot of fun on the weekends with your boys. Very cool.

At 4:20 PM, Blogger Dave Clapper said...

Ha! I don't think I want my 7- and 5-year-old catching SF crabs...

At 11:35 AM, Blogger katrina said...

All fun things! Lucky you!


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