Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Times addendum

Something else I really like about the NYT site: their races called appear to be based only on votes counted. Kudos to them for not caving to exit poll hysteria. They haven't called a single state yet (although with 42.5% of Kentucky reporting and GWB ahead 56.7-42.5%, that's probably a pretty safe call).

I wish I was a statistics wonk, so I could put together a decent margin of error report. That said, I'll go based on what I think makes sense, and call races from the NaNoWriBlo home office here in Poulsbo, Washington. I probably won't call any states until at least 25% of precincts have been tallied, and unless the margin is very, very large, I won't call it until it's at least 50%. I expect Kentucky will be the first state I call, and that will go in the red column.


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