Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SmokeLong Annual 2004-2005

Just got my proof copy in the mail yesterday, and it's purrrrrrrrty. For now, we're making it available at cost (well, at CafePress's cost), which is $15.04. We may raise the prices of both Annuals after writers have had a chance to get a copy.

There are 89 stories by (and interviews with) 78 writers in this year's edition. 268 perfect-bound pages. Cover features miniature versions of each of Marty Ison's covers from the past year.

I'm really proud of this book. The content inside is amazing, which is all due to some truly amazing writers. Many thanks to all of them and to an incredible staff.

Click on the pic for ordering info.

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At 11:39 AM, Blogger bevjackson said...

Dave, I wrote to you at the email addy I have for you, and based on your response to my book project, I don't think you've gotten it?
Drop me a note at litpot@veryfast.biz? I have a question for you.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger k1tchenwitch said...

Dave, it looks AWESOME!! I'm penniless at the moment but will be ordering a copy come pay-day. I'm not sure how the whole Cafe Press thing works, but I was really impressed with the quality of the production on the first annual. Can't wait to have this one in my hands!


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