Monday, January 16, 2006

a few random things

Gawd, it's been forever since I've posted anything here. Every now and then, I think of something I'd like to blog about, but then, when I actually have time to do it, I completely forget it's here. Anyway... a few random things since last I posted.

First off (and Don should find this highly entertaining) I've been quoted by an arch-conservative group. And not quoted as someone horrible. Quoted as someone they agree with. How completely weird is that?! Little did I know when I reviewed Matt Getty's You Will Behave that an organization that presents medals depicting Ronald Reagan would honor the book. But it is a sort of sexually perverse book. And based on the stuff that Bill O'Reilly and Scooter Libby have penned, maybe I should've known better. Still, it cracks me up. From their press release:

The novella takes enormous risks in both form and content. Not only is You Will Behave the first book-length work of fiction to be written in the second-person future, but, as one critic has put it, "it pulls the reader into an ugly world wherein violence and sexuality are forever intertwined" and "questions that link without flinching from honest answers."

Lookie there. Crazy, I tell ya. The full press release is here. Congrats, Matt!

Also, I was interviewed for P.H. Madore's new e-zine, DISPATCH. Unfortunately, due to publication timelines, some of the answers are a little dated by now, but I enjoyed it. It's a pretty lengthy interview, and I suspect that some folks may think I'm a bit of a religious zealot after reading a few of my answers. The mag looks pretty good, and holy crap, what a ton of content there is in it. The list of contributors is huge: Gary L. Adams, Anne R. Allen, EP Allen, John Allen, Brian Arundel, Cynthia Bateman, Greg Richard Bernard, Joseph Boes, David Breeden, Raegan Butcher, Henry Chalise, William Champion, Jr., Clara Chandler, Dave Clapper, Lily Corwin, D. B. Cox, Angeline Hawkes-Craig, James Craig, Louis Crew, Carl Miller Daniels, Caroline Eikenberry, Tom Englehardt, Brenda Frezell, Megan Friddle, Jnana Hodson, Paul Hostovsky, Leigh Hughes, Sandra Hunter, Andrew Jones, Melissa F. Kaelin, Paul Kavanagh, Sean Kilpatrick, John Lawson, Lisa Lilly, Erik Linzbach, Nathan Alling Long, D. L. Luke, David Lunden, Kerry Maddix, Ann McGovern, Ed Miller, Dave Morrison, Christopher Mulrooney, Steve Oetjengerdes, Mick Parsons, Naim Peress, Kenneth Pobo, Adrian S. Potter, Juan Carlos Reyes, Shelly Rich, Rochelle Ratner, K. Rice Alicita Rodríguez, Gavin Salisbury, Vera Searles, Tomi R. Shaw, Willie Smith, Merry Speece, D. A. Sumrall, Paul Renato Toppo, Kyle Torke, M. B. Uhall, Anca Vlasopolos, Shanti Weiland, D. Harlan Wilson, Laura Madeline Wiseman, and Frank Zafiro. Give it a look.