Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Top Ten Page Views for October

Not a lot of shaking up in October's top ten. A few pieces from the latest issue mixed in with several pieces that have been in the top ten often. The #1 exploded in October, registering over 3,000 page views. I'm adding last month's ranking in parentheses this time around.

1. (1) Pornography by Steve Almond (6/15/05)
2. (2) Prey by Myfanwy Collins (3/15/06)
3. (3) Five Fat Men in a Hot Tub by Jeff Landon (9/15/05)
4. (6) Everything by CB Anderson (9/15/06)
5. (8) Twelve Steps Down by Mark Budman (9/15/06)
6. (NR) Irvin Hammers a Cat House by Mike Young (6/15/05)
7. (NR) Hands by Stace Budzko (9/15/06)
8. (7) Axl Rose Is My Dog by Scott Ford (12/15/04)
9. (4) How the Broken Lead the Blind Until They Both Become Something Else Entirely by Matt Bell (6/15/06)
10. (NR) Chancing by Utahna Faith (9/15/06)