Tuesday, December 04, 2007

snowy weekend

Since I'm doing all the kind of blogging I used to do here over on SmokeLong News now, I might as well use this blog as more of the personal space most bloggers do. Just had a crazy snowy weekend that was virtually perfect: it snowed like mad for two days and then melted before the week began, so my commute wasn't impacted in the least. Got to have snowball fights with the kids and they built (and destroyed) snowmen. Also swung by the office to show them where I work now, and my boss happened to be in and snapped a pic, which y'all can see here. Sunday, spent the day with Ellen, Kate, the boys, and my mom and her husband Jim, who are in town for a week to meet his first grandchild, who is now a few months old (son of his son—although Jim has two kids who both live in Seattle, I've never really thought of 'em as stepsiblings per se, since Mom and Jim married after I was already out of the house). Had a good time with them, and will be having dinner with them and Ellen again tonight.