Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a deeper look at July stats

It looks like July was a really good month. I don't know how much reviews did or did not contribute to that beyond the raw numbers for the reviews, i.e., I don't know how many people came to read a review and then surfed to other parts of the site as well. Here are some numbers for July, though:

Analysis for the Month of Jul, 2006.

Total pages tracked during period: 568
Total page views recorded: 51817
The average number of views per page: 91.23

I don't know why I've never really looked at that whole section of the stats before beyond the total number of page views. It's pretty interesting. For example, I knew we had a lot of pages, but I had no idea it was anything like 568! That's a really deep site. It's also really interesting to me that on average a page gets viewed over 90 times a month. That means the average story gets viewed over a thousand times a year!

As far as raw numbers for the reviews, here's the dope:

reviews index: 274
071006 (Blood): 173
071906 (After My Nephew...): 126
072406 (Remember): 104

073106 (Disintegration) was posted too late in the day on the 31st to register much, but I assume its numbers will reflect similar average views per day. Breaking out the reviews by average per day looks like this (I'm giving each a one-day period of assuming it wasn't live, because I think most of them were posted at night of the date indicated, so didn't get a full day's worth of data for that day):

071006 (21 days): 8.2 views per day
071906 (12 days): 10.5
072406 (7 days): 14.9

So the average continued to go up, probably as more people became aware that reviews were being posted on a regular basis. And they're already getting higher averages than the overall site average, which is pretty impressive for a feature that was launched somewhat on the down-low. I'd say it's a pretty great success. :)


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