Friday, February 04, 2005

a joke

Since I've been so damned busy with getting all of the pages of SmokeLong reformatted and haven't posted anything about writing here in a while, a little joke:

A small child is puzzled about some things, so he goes to his mother.

"Mommy, is God a boy or a girl?"

The mother thinks about this for a while. "God is both a boy and a girl."

This confuses the little boy, and he wanders off. Later, he returns.

"Mommy, is God black or white?"

Again, the mother briefly thinks. "God is both black and white."

Now, the child is thoroughly puzzled, and he goes back to his room for a while. Finally, he thinks he understands and returns to his mother.

"Mommy, is Michael Jackson God?"


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Josh Maday said...

This is good, Dave. I'm going to steal it. Great work at SmokeLong, by the way. Cheers.


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